BOE Seats Petitions

For those interested in running for a seat on the Whitehall Central School District Board of Education, petitions are available in the office of Mrs. Kimberly Manney, District Clerk. All signed petitions must be turned back into Mrs. Manney no later than, April 22, 2019 at 5:00 pm.

Student Resources

For Parents

Employee Resources

Winter Sports

JV/Varsity Boys Basketball

Whitehall @ LuzerneTue Dec 045:30PM
Whitehall @ Lake GeorgeFri Dec 075:30PM
Corinth @ WhitehallFri Dec 145:30PM
Salem @ WhitehallMon Dec 175:30PM
Whitehall @ Fort AnnThu Dec 204PM/7PM
Holiday Tourney Thu Dec 274PM/7PM
Holiday Tourney Fri Dec 28TBA
Whitehall @ Crown PointWed Jan 024PM/7PM
Warrensburg @ WhitehallFri Jan 045:30PM
Whitehall @ North WarrenTue Jan 085:30PM
Granville @ WhitehallFri Jan 115:30PM
Whitehall @ Fort EdwardTue Jan 155:30PM
Hartford @ WhitehallFri Jan 185:30PM
Whitehall @ ArgyleThu Jan 245:30PM
Whitehall @ SalemFri Jan 255:30PM
Whitehall @ WarrensburgFri Feb 015:30PM
Crown Point @ WhitehallMon Feb 044PM/7PM
Crossovers - Luzerne @ WhitehallMon Feb 115:30PM
Whitehall @ North WarrenWed Feb 206PM

JV/Varsity Girls Basketball

Lake George @ WhitehallFri Dec 075:30PM
Whitehall @ CorinthFri Dec 145:30PM
Whitehall @ SalemTue Dec 185:30PM
Spa Catholic @ WhitehallFri Dec 215:30PM
Whitehall @ Crown PointWed Jan 025:30PM
Whitehall @ WarrensburgFri Jan 045:30PM
North Warren @ WhitehallThu Jan 105:30PM
Whitehall @ GranvilleFri Jan 115:30PM
Fort Edward @ WhitehallWed Jan 165:30PM
Whitehall @ HartfordFri Jan 185:30PM
Whitehall @ Spa CatholicMon Jan 215:30PM
Salem @ WhitehallFri Jan 255:30PM
Warrensburg @ WhitehallFri Feb 015:30PM
Crown Point @ WhitehallMon Feb 045:30PM
Crossovers - Corinth @ WhitehallTue Feb 055:30PM
Crossovers - Granville @ WhitehallFri Feb 085:30PM

Varsity Bowling

Whitehall @ Hoosic ValleyTue Nov 274:15PM
Lake George @ WhitehallWed Nov 284:15PM
North Warren @ WhitehallThu Nov 294:15PM
Fort Edward @ WhitehallTue Dec 044:15PM
Whitehall @ LuzerneThu Dec 064:15PM
Granville @ WhitehallTue Dec 114:15PM
Corinth @ WhitehallThu Dec 134:15PM
Whitehall @ CorinthTue Dec 184:15PM
Whitehall, NW @ Lake GeorgeWed Dec 194:15PM
Mechanicville @ WhitehallWed Jan 024:15PM
Whitehall @ StillwaterThu Jan 034:15PM
Whitehall @ GranvilleMon Jan 074:15PM
Luzerne @ WhitehallTue Jan 084:15PM
Waterford @ WhitehallThu Jan 104:15PM
Whitehall @ Fort EdwardThu Jan 174:15PM
Whitehall @ Spa CatholicSat Jan 269:00AM
ADK Tourney @ Fort EdwardWed Jan 304:15PM
Sectionals @ SchenectadyMon Feb 114:15PM

Varsity Indoor Track


Varsity Wrestling

Columbia DuelsFri Nov 30TBA
Columbia DuelsSat Dec 01TBA
SGF @ WFA (Fort Ann)Wed Dec 056PM
Salem/Camb @ WFA (W)Wed Dec 126PM
Railroader Duels @ WACFri Dec 14TBA
Railroader Duels @ WACSat Dec 15TBA
WFA @ Warrensburg/BoltonWed Dec 196PM
Corinth @ WFA (W)Thu Jan 036PM
Saratoga TournamentSat Jan 059AM
WFA @ GranvilleThu Jan 106PM
Maple Hill TournamentSat Jan 129AM
WFA @ Lake George/ HLWed Jan 166PM
Hoosick Falls DualsSat Jan 199AM
Ken Baker Tournament @ CambridgeSat Jan 269AM
Stillwater/Mech @ WFA Wed Jan 306PM
Sectionals @ WarrensburgSat Feb 029AM
Class Tourney @ CIASat Feb 099AM
WFA @ TamaracMon Feb 116PM

Modified Boys Basketball

Whitehall @ LuzerneThu Dec 065:30PM
Whitehall @ Lake GeorgeSat Dec 1511:15AM
Whitehall @ CorinthMon Dec 176:45PM
Argyle @ WhitehallWed Dec 196:45PM
Salem @ WhitehallMon Jan 076:45PM
Whitehall @ Fort AnnThu Jan 106:45PM
Warrensburg @ WhitehallMon Jan 146:45PM
Whitehall @ North WarrenThu Jan 176:45PM
Whitehall @ Fort EdwardMon Jan 285:45PM
Whitehall @ SalemMon Feb 046:45PM
Whitehall @ GranvilleTue Feb 056:45PM
Fort Ann @ WhitehallThu Feb 076:45PM
Whitehall @ WarrensburgSat Feb 0911:15AM
Hartford @ WhitehallThu Feb 146:45PM

Modified Girls Basketball

Whitehall @ LuzerneThu Dec 065:30PM
Whitehall @ Lake GeorgeSat Dec 1510AM
Whitehall @ CorinthMon Dec 175:30PM
Argyle @ WhitehallWed Dec 195:30PM
Salem @ WhitehallMon Jan 075:30PM
Whitehall @ Fort AnnThu Jan 105:30PM
Warrensburg @ WhitehallMon Jan 145:30PM
Whitehall @ North WarrenThu Jan 175:30PM
Whitehall @ Fort EdwardMon Jan 284:30PM
Whitehall @ SalemMon Feb 045:30PM
Whitehall @ GranvilleTue Feb 055:30PM
Fort Ann @ WhitehallThu Feb 075:30PM
Whitehall @ WarrensburgSat Feb 0910AM
Hartford @ WhitehallThu Feb 145:30PM