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Mon Sep 15
Scholastic Book Fair at the High School 9/15-9/19
Wed Sep 17
Elementary School Open House 6-8PM
Thu Sep 18
Jr. Sr. High Open House 6:15-7:45
Thu Sep 18
Book Fair Night at the High School Library 6-8PM
Sat Sep 20
Homecoming Weekend!
Thu Sep 25
Mini College Fair 9:30AM

Social Media - 09-19-2014

Dear WCSD Community:

I would like to engage you all in a conversation about social media. Social media is a tool for conversation, information and creating friendships. In light of recent events, I would like to discuss the importance of being involved with your child’s social media accounts and/or phones.

Derogatory comments, pictures, video’s , texts etc. can result in harming a person’s self-esteem, reputation and may even cause a student to cause harm to self and others. Pranks that are videotaped and then released into the internet arena can never be taken back, which in turn can leave a tarnished reputation forever. Some may even lead to criminal arrests.

Please take a moment and sit with your child, have a conversation to educate about the dangers associated with using the internet as a venomous tool and also talk to them about how relaxing and enjoyable in can be when used properly.

Once again, the District thanks you for being part of the solution and looking at the glass half full, not half empty. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at any time.

Elizabeth L. Legault Superintendent

Message from the Conductor - 09-17-2014

Dear Railroaders!!!

We have completed our first full 6 day rotate K-12 and we are moving in the right direction! There are always bumps and bruises but I am pleased to say we had a few bumps but no bruises. The elimination of study halls has supported our main goal of focusing on instruction and centering on student needs.

The new teachers and specials at the elementary school have built a safety net for each child. The additional behavior specialists have allowed our Principals and Special Education Director to focus on instruction, lesson planning and creating a functioning Professional Learning Community. Faculty and staff are collaborating on thematic units to spiral and swirl curriculums together, engaging students to work smarter not harder and most importantly to create an atmosphere that learning is fun.

I was lucky to have met with all grades 6-12 so that I could discuss the districts expectations regarding dress code and culture and climate. Our expectation is that every student is here to learn and our role is to provide a clear concise path, the less distractions the better. I ask for your support in our initiative to create the atmosphere that our students need to succeed. There will be no head gear, cell phones, iPods with ear buds, no vulgarity printed t-shirts, gentlemen will wear a t shirt under a tank top and ladies will wear appropriate fitting skirts and blouses.

The Google Chrome Books are on their way to be distributed to students. We are in a holding tank waiting for our local BOCES distributor to send the carts that supply power to the books! As soon as they are here the students will be up and Googling!

In conclusion creating conditions to help my students, faculty and staff to succeed is one of the hardest duties of a leader. If I am to create the conditions that help more students succeed at learning at high levels, then the district must build the capacity of educators to function as members of high-performing collaborative team. So...I leave you with this “Time and again we see the power of collective capacity.

When the group is mobilized with focus and specificity, it can accomplish amazing results” (Fullen) As we embrace best practices we will mature into a successful professional learning community that creates the capacity for college and career ready students.

As always if there is anything I can do for you please do not hesitate to call or stop by because there is nothing so bad that we can’t fix together!


Elizabeth L. Legault

Upcoming Sporting Events

Varsity FootballFort Edward @ WhitehallSat Sep 201PM
Modified SoccerLuzerne @ WhitehallSat Sep 2010AM
JV FootballWhitehall @ Poultney or FEMon Sep 224:15PM
Varsity GolfLuzerne @ WhitehallMon Sep 224PM
JV SoccerWhitehall @ TiconderogaMon Sep 224:30PM
Varsity Cross CountryWarrensburg, Argyle @ WhitehallTue Sep 234:15PM
Varsity SoccerWhitehall @ Fort AnnTue Sep 234:30PM
JV SoccerWhitehall @ Otter ValleyWed Sep 244:30PM
Varsity GolfFort Edward @ WhitehallWed Sep 244PM
Modified SoccerSalem @ WhitehallWed Sep 244:30PM
Varsity GolfWhitehall @ Lake GeorgeThu Sep 254PM
JV SoccerLake George @ WhitehallThu Sep 254:30PM
Varsity SoccerLake George @ WhitehallThu Sep 254:30PM
Modified FootballLake George @ WhitehallThu Sep 254:15PM
Modified SoccerWhitehall @ BoltonSat Sep 274:30PM
Varsity FootballWhitehall @ WarrensburgSat Sep 271PM
Varsity Cross CountryQueensbury InvySat Sep 279AM

Featured Highlights

Final Preparations
Final Preparations
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Scholastic Book Fair

The Scholastic Book Fair will be that the High School, beginning September 15th, through the 19th, from 7:30AM to 11:30AM, in the High School Library.

Also... Book Fair Night, is Thursday, September 18th, from 6-8PM!


Railroader Highlights

Pre K Opening Day
Pre K Opening Day
WCSD Welcomes New Teachers
WCSD Welcomes New Teachers
Elementary Playground
Elementary Playground
Magic Forest - Pre-K
Magic Forest - Pre-K
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Songs of the Week

Song of the Week
Your Smiling Face - James Tailor
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